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New! Flexi Pierre, natural stone veneer :
Slices of natural stone light and flexible for use in decorating.

About Flexi-Pierre :

New, flexible, ligth, in natural stone.

Flexi-pierre is a new product, very clever and will revolutionize the creation of natural stone surface. From massive blocks of natural stone, thin slices with a thickness of 2 mm. are cut through a technique very innovative. Reinforced by a composite support, these units are strong, light and easy to work with.

Benefits :

  • a mineral surface in natural stone.
  • same durability and maintenance than natural stone plate.
  • appearance identical to the stone mass.
  • large selection of natural stone and color.
  • plate dimensions in cm: 122 x 61, 251 x 61, 210 x 105.
  • curvature possible, adapts to developable surfaces.
  • ease of cutting and laying to everyone.
  • ordinary tools is sufficient for implementation.
  • weight (1.6 kg/m2), so transport costs too.

A wide range of textures and colors of stone:

We have a wide range of stone texture and colors. Find in "color range" all possibilities.

Flexi-pierre, it is difficult ?

The introduction of Flexi-Pierre to reach anyone will meet simple ground rules::

  • draw a cutting template.
  • prepare and clean surfaces in the rules of art.
  • not work in a hurry to avoid mistakes.
  • able to anticipate project phases.
  • respect and good levels équerages.

Installation :

We recommend for installation to use the glue Krismatic, it has a very high resistance and waterproofing. We provide the glue on request at time of order. See our technical "Technical Information."

Maintenance, as a massive stone:

We have developed, in collaboration with experts, a hard oil, organic which responds very well to maintenance requirements of these mineral surfaces. Easy implementation, excellent results and longevity of treatment. All advice: "Maintenance."

Flexi-pierre, how to buy?

You can buy online, we will send your request to a purchase order, that you agree with the settlement and return and we will deliver. Also in outlets referenced Flexi-Pierre and our network of distributors, installers, advisors decoration, layout and renovation.

Originality: Flexi-Pierre ® is an entirely new mark. The concept is the fruit of long reflection and also the culmination of years of experience the stone work.

Contact us and pass command do not hesitate, we are passionate about the craft of stone, we respond quickly and the utmost care.

pierre naturelle en tranches fines

Thickness fine.

pierre naturelle flexible

Flexible !

application décor moderne pour agencement, rénovation.

Kitchen application.

gamme pierre naturelle flexi-pierre.

Large colors range.

Flexi-pierre, application murale courbe en surface développable.

Curved wall application.

Flexi-pierre, application murale en restaurant avec vasques massives.

Flexi Pierre slate stone wall application and massive bowls.

contactez flexi-pierre, les passionnés de la pierre.

Passionate about stone !

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